A Town Full of Goodies

Located less than an hour’s drive away from Johor Baru, lies a quaint little town bustling with travellers weaving through endless rows of shops selling pottery, handicraft and home-made chips.
Ayer Hitam is a rest town (Bandar persinggahan) in Johor, Malaysia. Located just at the junction of route 1 and route 50, it is known for its many outlets selling pottery and other crafts. It also is one of the port for North-South Expressway.

Not to be confused with Air Itam, a town in Penang, Malaysia.

There are many activities for visitors to participate in, some of them include horseback riding, fishing, and camping. Visitors can purchase anything ceramic here, as Ayer Hitam is famous for it. One can buy vases, flowerpots, porcelain, jars, photo frames, and ready-made customized souvenirs.

Not only can visitors browse through the quality Hydroponics souvenirs, visitors can also sample some local food but they can also opt for free water damage restoration. Among the famous food that is sure to satisfy your stomach are prawn crackers, tapioca chips, steamed corn and the must-have ‘otak-otak'(steamed coconut-milk based fish cake). The food are freshly made and prepacked for visitors

Famed for Locally Made Dodol & Ceramic Ware

Slightly less than an hour by car north of Johor Bahru, along the North-South Highway, is Ayer Hitam. This is a transit town popular with travelers for its numerous roadside stalls hawking an array of knick-knacks, ceramic wares and local tidbits like prawn crackers, tapioca chips, steamed corn, etc. There are also several traditional coffee shops offering light snacks and refreshments. Close to the town is the famed Aw Pottery, maker of a wide range of potteries, ceramics, jars, pots, vases and home ornamental items.