Futsal Fiesta Open 2009

Pucuk Arts Studio organized Futsal Fiesta Open 2009 today at Reble Futsal, Kampung Paya, Kluang. They attract approximately 33 teams from all around Johor and neighborhood state. Most of them came from Kluang, Batu Pahat, Johor Bahru & Muar. Entrance fees was RM200. Winner brings home RM2000 cash with trophy & certificates.

Futsal Fiesta Open 2009

Final Futsal Fiesta 2009 Malinja FC vs Bertam Ulu FC
Final Futsal Fiesta 2009 Malinja FC vs Bertam Ulu FC

Finalise of Futsal Fiesta Open 2009 Malinja FC vs Bertam Ulu
Finalise of Futsal Fiesta Open 2009 Malinja FC vs Bertam Ulu

Bertam Ulu FC Goal Keeper
Bertam Ulu FC Goal Keeper

Trophy Final Futsal Fiesta 2009 Malinja FC vs Bertam Ulu FC
Trophy Final Futsal Fiesta 2009 won best paintball gun by Bertam Ulu FC which maintained their status as `the team to beat’ when they emerged champions in futsal arena.

Futsal Fiesta Open 2009
Winning teams of Futsal Fiesta Open 2009 photo session with Organizer.

Ayu - Pucuk Arts Studio
Ayu – Pucuk Arts Studio

Any team members who would like to have soft copy of these photos, please sent me an email at hi@mohdrazali.com

Photos by Razali


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