Charity Photo Session For Gaza Fund Report

Kelas Fotografi Kebajikan Untuk Tabung Bantuan Gaza finished sucessfully! 13 photographer came all the way to join us. Waris Berandam’s principal, Abdullah Shafiee supply a model with Gothic theme.

Some of confirmed participants have to cancel their attendance due to some difficulties. We started our photo session at 3 p.m. Mr Shazli setting up his equipment which he brings along from Klang. He thought us some basic portraits photography technique in the right way.
Dana Untuk Gaza

Question and answer session finished within half an hour and we continue with studio lighting using black backdrop.
Mira & Bear
Most of us are really new with studio lighting. But some of participants already have experience from photography classes.

We didn’t realize that we already spent almost 3 hours at that house. We brings cik Mira, our model from Waris Berandam to garden area to get natural lighting from the sun. We change a few angle to get different lighting.

Mira Outdoor

We finish garden session in half an hour. Thank you so much for the owner!
Sesi Foto Pt Khasan

Next, we visit our outdoor destination, Sawah Sagil. Golden lighting from evening sun shown up. This gives us advantages on creating better photos.
Mira Outdoor Shooting Sawah
All of them enjoying the session.

Farol Strobist
Our model have to go early to attend other works. Farol volunteered to be our next top model!

Our class finished around 7.30p.m. We stop by R&R Parit Khamid. AreTeam arrive 45 minutes later from Rengit followed by Jai. We discuss over everything on today session until late 9 p.m. Shazli invites us to Kluang for night session. We spent few hours at Euro Fun Park. After that we moved to Bumbung Hijau to get late dinner and counting our donations.

RM220 in total!
Maybank2u Tabung Gaza NSTP

Thank You Very Much For Your Contributions!

Cikgu Shazli
Yana Harmila
Azlina & fiance
Farol Razi
Azhar Saad
Mohd Shahir Sharom
Mohd Azam
Mohd Razali
Cikgu Awal
Are Team

Kami di Sawah

Leisure Indoor/Outdoor Photoshoot for Charity : Fund For Gaza
inviting everyone to join our Charity Photography Class to contribute NSTP Fund for Gaza. The NSTP Fund for Gaza now stands at RM3,791,199.40 today. We are hoping that we could at lease contribute some more while having fun. We will provide a relief fund for anyone who would like to support NSTP Gaza Fund. Everything will goes to them.

Topic: Basic Photography Technique : Portrait
Venue: Antique House, Kampung Parit Khasan, Ayer Hitam, Johor.
Date: 26 January 2009
Time: 3.00 p.m

We are focusing on teaching & learning shooting portraits from each of us but monitored by a senior. Waris Berandam, one of the best wedding planner in Ayer Hitam will provide models and props. A senior photographer will brings his lighting equipments and teaching us how to shoot portrait in the right way.

Anyone who interested to join this class can contact us directly at or contact Mohd Razali using 012 – 7333 960. We are hoping someone from professional levels can also join us and teaching better technique.

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